"CDNs and cloud services cost money to setup and maintain.
This scales asset availability with popularity, automatically, for free, with minimal setup." (deckar01 in ycombinator)

Just add this line to the footer of your webpages you want to Cache and you are all set:

<script src=""></script>

Documentation How it works?

All links in this website (API, Documentation, etc) are being delivered to you from another Peers as shown in the "Live Demo", when you click on Documentation or API the server will not be used, because you already have them in your browser.

What it's all about

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The way internet works currently is not scalable

Currently traffic is centralized on the servers and ISP gateways, that are hard to manage, maintain and many times run out of capacity.

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Internet W3C standards have evolved so we can do it better.

Now any browser can act as a server to other browsers, so content can now be delivered even if the main server is completely down, just by getting it from the users who alrelady received it.

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A faster and more reliable Internet for everyone!

Getting content that is just some kilometers from you (specially when it's on your same network) is always faster than to get it from the other side of the world.

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